Madde-garāyi, payāmdehā-ye akhlāqi va ejtemā’i ماده‌گرایی؛پیامد‌های اخلاقی و اجتماعی

Materialism; Moral & Social Consequences

This book is a Persian translation of the valuable book by Dr. Ghadirian titled “Materialism; Moral and Social Consequences,” which has been masterfully translated, aligning all the sacred texts one by one with the original works in Persian and Arabic.

This new publication (2017) examines the concept of materialistic life and its destructive impact on individuals’ well-being and societies’ prosperity worldwide. Materialist philosophy believes that matter takes precedence over the mind and spirit. Based on this concept, the human mind, consciousness, and soul are considered secondary products of matter, and those who believe otherwise are seen as “idealists.” The teachings of the Bahá’í Faith advocate a logical and balanced approach between the spiritual and material aspects of life as two pillars of a just civilization.

This book, which has received the prestigious “Scholarship Award from the Bahá’í Studies Association”, analyzes the distressing extremes of wealth and poverty and the neglect of social and economic injustices. Valuable insights into the impact of materialism on mental health are presented in this book. Materialism leads to increased consumerism, climate change, environmental degradation, and the spread of corruption, narcissism, and indifference, all of which afflict millions of people who suffer from hunger and disease each year.

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This book is the masterful translation in Farsi of the second edition (2017)of the book by Dr. Abdu'l-Missagh Ghadirian in English. It examines the materialist concept of life and its destructive damage to individuals' welfare and societies' well-being worldwide...
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