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Zinat Group Publishing is a Bahá’í-inspired company. At Zinat Group, we offer our services to anyone of any race, religion, color, gender, or language who writes, composes, sings, and produces to better the human race, bring unity, peace, and well-being. With this aim, we help artists and authors who are not promoting prejudice of any kind, politics, hypocrisy, and discord. We hope to build an atmosphere of unity with diversity where we can meet the need of authors, artists, scientists, and enthusiasts to collaborate, translate, print, publish and distribute their work and help bring facts and valuable information about our Iranian heritage, Persian language, and the Bahá’í Faith to readers. 


Zinat Group services are not only for translating, editing, and publishing books. Given the technical possibilities we have, no idea is impossible. But any idea deserves advice and discussion

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Zinat Group has a long standing in Publishing and printing.


We take care of all your publishing needs...
you as a consumer know your goals and wishes, and we as developers understand what the visitors look for in a website or social media channels

Web & Social Media

Zinat Group has a long history of building websites...
Zinat Group provides text translations to ensure the reader's clarity and enjoyment for various books from any genre


We translate books and transcripts...

do not underestimate the value added by an eye-catching cover and disk

Complete CD & DVD Duplication

We create graphic covers and disks that sell...
.If you have a manuscript, CD, or artwork to publish and would like to have it considered for the possibility of collaboration with Zinat Group Publishing, please follow the steps below to submit it electronically for our review

Collaboration & Consultation

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Film Creation and Editing

We have access to a network of camera operators...

Acknowledgement & Gratitude

We appreciate these few words from our friends more than any accolades in our work...
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