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Zinat Group Publishing is a Bahá’í-inspired company committed to serving individuals of all backgrounds who share the goal of improving the human experience through art and literature. Our doors are open to anyone who writes, composes, sings, or produces work that promotes unity, peace, and well-being in our world.

We strive to foster an environment of inclusivity where artists and authors can collaborate and share their work with a global audience. Our company values diversity and welcomes individuals of all races, religions, colors, genders, and languages to join us in our mission.

At Zinat Group, we believe that the power of literature and art can bring people together and break down barriers of prejudice and discord. As such, we are dedicated to supporting creators who share this vision and do not promote any form of politics, hypocrisy, or divisive ideology.

We are passionate about our Iranian heritage and the Persian language, and we aim to showcase the beauty and richness of our cultural traditions to readers worldwide. Additionally, as a Bahá’í-inspired company, we seek to share the teachings of the Baha'i Faith with a broader audience and promote its message of unity and peace.

We are here to help writers, artists, scientists, and enthusiasts bring their work to life through collaboration, translation, printing, publishing, and distribution. Our goal is to provide a platform where voices can be heard, and stories can be shared, all in service of creating a more just, harmonious, and compassionate world.


Zinat Group services are not only for translating, editing, and publishing books. Given the technical possibilities we have, no idea is impossible. But any idea deserves advice and discussion

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Zinat Group has a long standing in Publishing and printing.


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Zinat Group provides text translations to ensure the reader's clarity and enjoyment for various books from any genre


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.If you have a manuscript, CD, or artwork to publish and would like to have it considered for the possibility of collaboration with Zinat Group Publishing, please follow the steps below to submit it electronically for our review

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