Madde-garāyi, payāmdehā-ye akhlāqi va ejtemā’i ماده‌گرایی؛ پیامدهای اخلاقی و اجتماعی


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Abdu'l-Missagh Ghadirian

The Persian translation of the book “Materialism; Moral and Social Consequences” Materialism; “Ethical and Social Consequences” examines the materialist conception of life and its devastating effects on the well-being of individuals and communities worldwide. The philosophy of materialism holds that matter takes precedence over mind and soul. According to this view, the human soul, conscience, and mind are by-products of matter, and those who think otherwise are considered “imaginary” or “idealistic.” On the other hand, the Baha’i Teachings advocate a balanced and balanced balance between life’s material and spiritual aspects as the two pillars of a civilization based on justice and equality.

The new edition analyzes the deplorable extremes of wealth and poverty and disregard for social and economic injustices and provides valuable insights into the effects of materialism on mental health. For example, materialism has contributed to increased consumerism, climate change, and environmental pollution, and the spread of corruption, selfishness, and indifference to the suffering of millions who die of hunger and disease each year.

The author also describes the views of the Baha’i Faith in materialism and the spiritual dimensions of human well-being call for a revision of the concepts of wealth and well-being to bring about reform in human societies.

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