Setaregan-i Kaveer (Desert Stars)

This book, like Ms. Golestaneh's other eight books, is the treasure and adornment of any library
Mrs. Mahmehr Golestaneh, a talented writer, poet, painter, and architect whose valuable works are still available in different parts of Iran, published her ninth book at the end of 2020. Desert Stars (Setaregan-i Kaveer ستارگان کویر) is one of those rare books that fascinates the reader with its stories so much that one cannot close the book. She wrote in a part of the preface of the Desert Stars:
"In 1956, when I was just a raw young woman, at my husband Golestaneh's family home in Cairo, I was introduced to works in two large boxes of carefully preserved Baha'i documents and writings by my father-in-law Mohammad Reza Golestaneh. For three months, Mr. Mohammad Reza and Ms. Shoghangiz Khanum, my late husband's mother, told me Baha'i stories. They told stories about the distant and recent past and the sacrifices of pioneers. Those days were short, and I passed through them like in a dream. During the farewell, I took a few lines and photos as a souvenir and did not try to take other works. Perhaps it was destined that this treasure would remain in Egypt. The 1978 Iranian Islamic revolution caused us to leave Iran empty-handed. The longing to see those tablets and papers remained in my heart.
After the passing of Mr. Mohammad Reza Golestaneh, in 1961, according to his will, all documents and works were given to the late Riaz Golestaneh, the "fifth child," and his wife, Mahin Khanum Abrishamian. She was a migrant of Bin Ghazi in Libya at the time. As far as we know, the works and books were transported from Cairo to Alexandria, and ... "
This book, like Mrs. Golestaneh's other eight books, is the treasure and adornment of any library.
Setaregan-iː Kaveer ستارگان کویر Ms. Golestaneh's ninth book about early pioneers from two cities at the edge of the desert in Iran. The visits with the Master and the Guardian and a great wealth of never seen tablets and photographs
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