A Look at History From A Different Perspective

In this captivating book, the reader embarks on a historical odyssey through the author’s beloved homeland, Iran. The comprehensive collection of historical events spans eras before and after the Arab and Mongol invasions, providing a deep understanding of the period surrounding The Báb’s momentous declaration of His mission.

The narrative delves into Iran’s significant political transformation, transitioning from dictatorship to constitutionalism. Moreover, the book sheds light on two crucial epistles written by `Abdu’l-Bahá concerning politics and civilization – The Resaleh Madanieh (The Secret of Divine Civilization) and The Resaleh Siasieh(Treatise on Leadership).

With keen insight, the book also examines the consequences of political interventions by religious leaders and the distortion of historical perceptions perpetuated by religious leaders and historians alike.

Negahi Be Tarikh Az Zaviyehe Digar is a highly recommended read for Bahá’ís and their Persian-speaking friends who seek a deeper understanding of Iran’s rich history and the transformative events that shaped its destiny.

Take a look inside…

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