Materialism: Moral & Social Consequences (in Persian)

Maddeh-geraee; payamadhay-i Akhlaghi va Ejtemaee

In this exquisite Persian translation, Dr. Abdu'l-Missagh Ghadirian skillfully presents the second edition (2017, GRBooks) of a thought-provoking book initially written in English. Its central focus lies in a profound exploration of the materialist concept of life and the severe damage it inflicts on individuals' well-being and societies' welfare worldwide.

At the core of material philosophy is the belief that matter supersedes the mind's and soul's importance. According to this perspective, human consciousness and the soul are mere by-products of material existence, and anyone holding contrary beliefs is labeled an "idealist." In stark contrast, the Baha'i Teachings advocate for a balanced, logical integration of spiritual and material aspects as the twin pillars of a just and harmonious civilization.

This distinguished work has been honored with the prestigious Distinguished Scholarship Award by the Baha'i Studies Association. Within its pages, the book delves into the detrimental impact of materialism on social and economic justice, unearthing the afflictions of wealth and poverty.

Furthermore, the book offers valuable insights into the adverse effects of materialism on mental health, an aspect often overlooked. Tragically, materialism fuels the relentless growth of consumerism, contributes to the escalating climate change crisis, and leads to environmental degradation. It fosters a culture of corruption, selfishness, and indifference, perpetuating a heart-wrenching disregard for the millions who suffer and perish from hunger and disease each year.

For those interested in exploring the profound consequences of materialism, "Materialism; Moral and Social Consequences in English" is available through George Ronald Publishing, providing an illuminating and compelling journey into the depths of this vital subject.

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This book is the masterful translation in Farsi of the second edition (2017)of the book by Dr. Abdu'l-Missagh Ghadirian in English. It examines the materialist concept of life and its destructive damage to individuals' welfare and societies' well-being worldwide...
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