Mr. Rahbar Saberi

Author, Poet, Researcher

Mr. Rahber Saberi, born in 1951 in Deh Beed, a village near Abadeh in Fars province, Iran dedicated much of his youth to pioneering in various regions, including Abadeh, Ilam, Sarpol Zahab, Marvdasht, Shiraz, and Isfahan.
He initially worked in agricultural joint-stock companies in western Iran, specifically in Sarpol Zahab (Kermanshah province) and Ilam (Ilam province). Later, he found employment in Marvdasht (Fars province) within agricultural joint-stock companies. Unfortunately, despite his strong work ethic and track record, he faced dismissal due to his affiliation with the Baha'i Faith.
In 1979, during the early stages of the Islamic revolution in Iran, he married Mrs. Yasman Rezvani. However, just three months after their marriage, their residence and his parents' home fell victim to an attack, looting, and subsequent arson during clashes in Saadi village near Shiraz.
As of the time of writing this article, Mr. Rehber Saberi and his family currently reside and work in Australia. Among his notable literary works are "Haft dokhtarān هفت دختران," "Negahi be tārikh az zāviye-i digar نگاهی به تاریخ از زاویه‌ای دیگر," "Khāṭerāt-e Mīrzā Reyhān Reyhānī خاطرات میرزا ریحان ریحانی," "Az Shīrāz tā Karmel از شیراز تا کرمل," and "Narges-e Shīrāz نرگس شیراز."
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