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At Zinat Group Publications, we do not publish text unless we ensure fluency and expressiveness.
Translation of scripts is one of the most critical aspects of social, political, economic, cultural, and scientific dissemination. At the time when social media channels have opened doors to all, from different cultures and languages, for exchanging ideas and information, translation has become a daily service, whether by using artificial intelligence or human translation.
The linguistic translation of texts cannot evoke the author's feelings or ultimate purpose. For this reason, not everyone who knows the language will be able to translate any work, whether scientific or literary. At Zinat Group Publications, we provide text translations to ensure the reader's clarity and enjoyment for various books from any genre. Not only does translating your printed book opens up new markets, but e-book translation allows you to reach more readers quickly internationally. If you want to go beyond your literary, scientific, or professional content, consider multilingual audio talent to present versions of audiobooks in different languages.
Authors write about topics in which they specialize. Readers unfamiliar with the subject may find the word-for-word translated content vague, irrelevant, worse, or offensive. We not only translate but also ensure that your work is localized.
With an exceptional focus on detail, we can translate, edit, and design your copies for new international readers. Our multilingual translators are familiar with different topics and programs and additional editing software in different languages. At Zinat Group Publications, we do not publish text unless we ensure fluency and expressiveness. Your content in other languages should be smooth, expressive and fluent, and well understood to be welcomed.
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Zinat Group Publishing offers translation services from English or from Farsi.
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